The MINICOR Executive Committee is currently engaged in identifying sites wishing to participate in this global initiative.  To meet participation requirements, each site must be associated with an academic institution capable of issuing ethics board certification, must have access to Cardiovascular MRI clinical services, and must nominate 1 site Investigator each from the fields of Cardiac MRI, Heart Failure and Electrophysiology.

To request further information regarding MINICOR please submit a request using this LINK

Pre-registered MINICOR sites

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Frequently asked questions

When is MINICOR Planned to officially launch?

The retrospective phase of MIINICOR is underway and has collected data on approximately 2000 subjects to date. If you wish to contribute your retrospective data to our consortium-based project please contact our study coordinator. The prospective phase of MINICOR is planned for lauch in the first quarter (Q1) of 2020. Sites may pre-register their interest to recieve regular updates regarding launch status.

How is the MINICOR initiative funded?

MINICOR is a consortium-based global research initiative seeded through shared financial and infrastructure contributions from partnered institutions and commercial vendors. This infrastructure is designed to incrementally support and catalyze pragmatic clinical cohort studies and clinical trials focussed on demonstrating value from personalized healthcare delivery. Externally funded initiatives wishing to leverage the global MINICOR platform to execute "vertical studies" must apply to the Executive Committee and will be asked to allocate a portion of their proporsal budget towards use of the infrastructure on a case by case basis. These funds will be used to ensure sustainability of the initiative as well as support other grant opportunities to MINICOR investigators and trainees. Partnered commercial vendors are asked to provide in-kind support or monetary support for the operations of the MINICOR initiative. All contracts are negotiated independently through the WNICER group. Through these contracts additional support is achieved that is critical to the sustainability of MINICOR. Transparent reporting of these contributions and terms of data access / use will be publically available and maintained on the MINICOR and WNICER websites.

Does each healthcare institution get access to their own anonymized data?

Yes, all healthcare delivery sites participating in MINICOR are esnsured to have seemless access to all anonymized data collected at their facility and is NOT required to submit proposals or obtain permission for use of this data for research purposes.

What data is collected by MINICOR?

MINICOR has established a core set of data variables felt to be critical to the development of data-driven tools in cardiovascular care delivery. The aim of this pragmatic initiative is to work through vendor partners to collect these variables routinely in daily clinical care (on-site data de-identification, matchiing and migration to cloud data server) to minimize site overhead. There are FOUR categories of data being collected by the foundational MINICOR platform (note: future funded studies will collect additional biomarkers upon this foundation). i) Patient reported health information (PRHI): Mobile-device based self reported demographics, co-morbidities, symptoms and quality of life. ii) CMR-based phenotype: Standardized coding of disease phenotype from clinically performed Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) imaging. iii) Heart Failure Care: Tablet-based recording of medical and non-medical care interventions and interval symptoms scores / quality of life. iv) Device Interrogations: For patients recieving ICD or CRT devices, automated migration of device interrogation data.