Heart Failure

Heart Failure Care & Outcomes

MINICOR is designed to support its investigator community and strategic partners to develop innovative, data-driven tools to assist the care of patients at risk of heart failure events. Standardized capture of heart failure care decisions, interventions and outcomes is therefore of paramount importance. 


As a pragmatic initiative, patients are asked to provide baseline and serial information pertaining to their medical health.  In compliance with ICHOM standards , patients will provide relevant demographic and health information to assist in data modelling and capture key patient-reported outcomes (PRO).  This will be accomplished through a coordinated App architecture deployed by a Tablet upon arrival at diagnostic testing and device clinics, by patient mobile device at pre-determined timepoints, and by a web-accessible adjudication adjudication portal monitored by a study nurse or coordinator..  


Providing incentive to sites to engage in MINICOR, each are provided automated data consolidation and visualization. For all enrolled patients, rapid access to dashboards displaying patient demographics, patient reported health, diagnostic imaging and device-related data will be made available. With inherent cross-centre data standardization, this initiative will provide an unprecedented network for data-driven discovery surrounding the care of patients with heart failure.

Data Collection and Visualization

Patients will be provided a mobile App (also web-accessible) for the pragmatic collection of patient-reported outcomes (PRO).  Adjudication of medication use, hospitalization and major clinical outcomes will be performed every 6 months by a local site study research assistant or nurse, funded by the MINICOR initiative.  Data collected within the MINICOR platform will be available to each local site for real-time interrogation.