Imaging-based Disease Phenotype


Core to the MINICOR Initiative is development of phenotype-driven risk prediction models based upon standardized diagnostic testing.  Cardiovascular MRI has been chosen as the lead imaging modality of MINICOR based upon versatility, established validation for risk prediction modelling and high reproducibility.  As a specialized diagnostic service it also provides improved feasibility for focussed patient engagement and service standardization. 


Endorsed by the Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR), MINICOR will directly assist sites in achieving standardizing referral coding (appropriate use criteria tracking), protocolling, and data-driven clinical reporting while establishing a global standardized data repository of classified imaging data available to all investigators for research purposes.

Data Collection and Standardized Reporting

Sites will be provided  automated patient consent / health questionnaires and API-based integration with local imaging analysis provide assisted standardized reporting. A tablet-based App will  be provided to patients upon arrival to the MRI department that automatically consents patients according to institutional REB requirements.  Consent triggers a brief questionnaire and automated collection of quantitative image analysis results from each site's local image processing vendor. A data-driven standardized clinical report is generated in a web-accessed interface to allow for rapid adjudication of subjective findings. Finalization of this report establishes a standardized disease phenotype stored using an anonymous identifier to the site's secure cloud in addition to a de-identified copy of the DICOM image dataset.  DICOM data is automatically transferred to the MINICOR Imaging Core Laboratory for standardized analyses, all of which will be provided back to the site for their own research productivity.