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Our Goal

To redefine Cardiovascular Disease at an individual patient level 

MINICOR is a Global Pragmatic Clinical Research Initiative aimed at bridging Patients, Institutions and Vendors with the common goal of delivering Personalized Healthcare in Cardiovascular Disease.


International leaders across the fields of Heart Failure, Electrophysiology and Cardiovascular Imaging collectively recognized need to transparently engage patients, institutions and commercial partners to accelerate data-driven healthcare innovation. Through partnership with the Worldwide Network for Innovative Clinical Eduction and Research (WNICER), a not-for-profit organization, a transparent approach to bridging these key stake-holders has been established. 


MINICOR is the first global cardiovascular initiative aimed at establishing cross-institutional, cross-vendor data standardization and interoperability for the purposes of catalyzing artificial intelligence in patient care delivery.


Patients - Healthcare Providers - Research Institutions - Commercial Vendors

Patients are the core of the MINICOR initiative, providing voluntary consent to access their federated, anonymized data for the purposes of AI innovation. Through independent governance (WNICER), permissions are iteratively confirmed via mobile / web applications with all study participants. Both healthcare researchers and industry partners are accordingly provided access under a limited license  agreement to these data resources according to pre-established data sharing and intellectual property agreements.  These agreements have been developed to equitably address the interests of all stake-holders, inclusive of the patient community.


To obtain more information regarding the MINICOR initiative please explore this website and contact us through our "contact us" page. Information packages are available for qualified partners that describe the benefits of participation, data governance, de-identification processes, cyber data security, and mechanisms for the management of intellectual property.  

MINICOR - "Pilot" Phase

Patients studied
Clinical Investigators

To date, almost 2000 patients with Non-ischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy have been studied by Cardiac MRI

Over 30 Clinicians, Epidemiologists and Basic Science Researchers have participated the MINICOR Retrospective Phase Pilot Study 

Retrospective Phase data has been collected from Centers in the US, Canada, Spain and Italy

Worldwide Network for Innovative Clinical Education and Research